PERE funds

Private Equity Real Estate funds historically have delivered higher risk-adjusted returns for HNW individuals and institutional investors, however these investments were available only to those who could afford the high minimum investment, were content to pay high and opaque fees & commissions and could wait an indefinite period of time for liquidity.​


REITs can be lucrative investments but they are highly correlated to the stock market. They rise and fall based on what’s happening in the economy, and their values can be impacted by events that have nothing to do with real estate fundamentals. REITs will not necessarily improve a portfolio’s risk-adjusted returns and auction liquidity can cost you 30 - 40% of your return, even if you don't use it.


The crowdfunding of individual real estate assets is inherently risky & does not offer diversification across asset classes or location. Investment on a deal-by-deal basis requires onerous research by the investor on every asset & may not permit the construction of a consistently performing diversified portfolio, increasing risk and the demands on investors time.

Our tokenized real estate CasaFunds offer low minimum investments, low fees & commissions, total transparency, liquidity and the security of blockchain technology.
Investors will benefit from all the advantages of Private Equity Real Estate funds, gain the liquidity of REITs & avoid the risks of Crowdfunding, all without high fees & opaque commissions.
Blockchain technology guarantees the veracity, accuracy & immutability of our financial reports.
We also use the latest innovations in technology & media, including interactive video, VR & AR to ensure transparency throughout the entire process, showing you exactly how we add value.

The current market options and their problems

Benefit from all the advantages of Private Equity Real Estate funds, gain the liquidity of REITs & avoid the risks of Crowdfunding, all without high fees & opaque commissions.

Our Solution


We turn distressed assets into profitable investments & unattractive properties into beautiful buildings
We follow a “value investing” strategy; we buy investments for less than their intrinsic market value, and reinvest in the assets to increase their value and yield 
The combination of value investing with a value-added strategy has tended to produce higher returns over the long term.

We Rent
We manage each property in the portfolio striving for maximum rental yield

And then, we do it all over again!

We Buy
We buy the best residential & commercial properties in need of renovation & in key locations

We Build or Renovate
We renovate with complete renewable energy solutions to maximize value & deliver superior standards

We Sell
We sell the best residential & commercial properties in key locations


We go far beyond superficial renovations, adding value with the future in mind.

We implement complete renewable energy, energy efficiency, passive & smart home technology solutions.

A new generation of investors demands social responsibility, transparency & positive environmental impact.

Energy efficiency translates into lower cost of ownership & the latest in domotics & lifestyle tech help us deliver superior standards.


Users can invest in tokenized investment vehicles that offer a diversified portfolio of virtual land and real estate assets in our CasaVerse and across other metaverses. 

At this nascent stage of metaverse development, strategic acquisitions in the ‘multiverse’ represent a substantial opportunity for early investors. 

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