CasaCrowd Real World NFT: Real World Member


●    Discounts on rentals of all CasaFund assets
●    Discounts on physical products in CasaMall
●    Discounts on all 3rd party services in CasaNetwork
●    Access to all real life CasaCrowd events
●    Airdrop of our ecosystem payment token
●    Whitelisting for all real world CasaFunds
●    Whitelisting for CasaCrowd STO

CasaVerse NFT:

Metaverse Member

●    Free Land in our metaverse
●    Discounts on all metaverse products in CasaMall 
●    Discounts from all 3rd party CasaVerse businesses
●    Access to all CasaVerse events
●    Airdrop for our ecosystem payment token
●    Whitelisting for our Metaverse CasaFund 
●    Whitelisting for CasaCrowd STO

CasaCrowd VIP Member NFT

CasaCrowd Access All Areas

CasaCrowd access all areas is our VIP membership that combines all of the utilities & benefits of CasaVerse and CasaCrowd Real World NFT’s with a double airdrop of our ecosystem payment token. 

Let's get phygital!



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The CasaCrowd platform is under development and offers no service to the public at this time.


CasaCrowd is building a Network of professionals from; real estate & associated industries, blockchain technology, media, finance, legal.. and more.